About Us

SHARI - Her concern for all dogs led to the creation of Dripping Dog.

Ollie by the pool in his Dripping Dog Bathrobe Shari, President of Dripping Dog Bathrobes

Ollie is the CFO - Chief Floof Officer, top model, tail wagger and driving force behind the company. Rescued from a kill shelter 2010.

Shari Mindlen, MBA, Dog Mom - Founder and President.

We Believe Every Dog Deserves to Look and Feel Good. And Every Dog Deserves a Chance. We Donate to Shelters and Rescues.

Made in the USA

AMERICAN made in Phoenix, AZ factories, we use only the highest quality microfiber and cloth materials. Our bathrobes were vetted on 150 dogs before going into production.

How the Best Dog Bathrobe was Born

I love a clean dog but I hated a wet house and me running after him with a towel trying to dry him. Ollie would shake off, do zoomies, jump on the couch, rub on the carpet, and get my bed wet after a bath. After the beach, my backseat would be all wet. Towels didn’t quite do the job and they didn't stay on. There was the eau de dog smell and lots of brushing to get the tangles out.

Wet dog smell is the result of a dog not being fully dry. And so the best dog bathrobe was born. It solves every problem of a wet dog because it dries in half the time, detangles, and because it ties on the back, it stays on, even with zoomies.

Bandanas and Coats As Unique and Special as Your Pups

Our products speak dog. It’s what they would say if they could talk. Our bandanas and coats are printed with fun sayings to bring out your pup's personality.

The Bandanas are all reversible so as your pup’s mood changes, you just flip them over. We offer customizable bandanas as well.